Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stick a Fork In It

Is it done?

That book you've been writing. That degree you've been wanting. That project that could change your career. That budget that could get your finances in order. That conversation that could repair a relationship. That business plan you started. That closet you were cleaning out. That vegetable garden you've been planting.

What do you have in your life that's undone? You know...those things that we talk about. Those things that we start but never finish. The very things that we have invested some of our time, money and resources into. Those things we SAY are important, but our actions prove otherwise.

When it comes to getting those items done, two options come to mind.

Option #1

You can take the approach that "Sometimes, done is better than perfect." Want to write a book? Stop waiting for a burst of creativity or a large block of time. On your next lunch break, pull out paper and pen or open up Word and start writing. As someone who has written and published several fiction books, I've discovered a great button on the keyborad. It's called "delete". If you don't like what you've written, you can just delete it. But you can't delete what you don't write.

Been putting off a difficult conversation? Go ahead and set a time to talk or just call them up. You can start with "I don't know exactly what to say, but we need to talk. I feel..."

Want to plant a garden? Stop looking at that plot of land in the backyard and go to your local nursery and ask how to plant a few of your favorites indoors or in a small area outside. Buy the soil, the container, some seeds, and start planting.

Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in doing it right, making it perfect, having the best setting, or wanting to only do something when we know we can "give it the attention it needs", that days, weeks, months and years go by. So, I say you go with the theory that "done can be better than perfect" and get moving on your project today!

Option #2

Let it go. Simply decide that you are no longer interested in that goal and release yourself of the burden. Maybe you wanted to write a book, but now you don't. Maybe you wanted to plant a vegetable garden, but your local "Whole Foods" is serving you just fine. Maybe you wanted to finish school, but at this point, it's no longer a priority for you. If that's the case, give yourself permission to let it go and move on.

Who cares what people may think? It's your life, and you have the right to change your mind.

No matter which option you choose, the good news is that you can finally take that project and stick a fork in it...because it will be done!
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