Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Those Who Have Nothing

I was talking with a client a while back who relayed a story of a woman who always had something negative to say about how my client was running her business.  This woman felt the need to critique, complain, give unrequested negative comments, and dole out advice on how she would do things differently.  Finally, having had enough, the recipient of this constant unsolicited feedback finally bit back.  What did she say?

"My crap (she used another word) is better than your nothing."

Now, I'm not sure if that was an original statement, but it was new to me and I immediately understood her message behind it.  What she meant was that if you think what I'm doing doesn't meet your standards, it's still better than your nothing.

It can be so easy for people who are not doing anything to have something to say about what you are doing.

They are:

  • not moving forward in their business
  • not advancing in their career
  • not managing their money well
  • stuffing their face with donuts while telling you to start running instead of walking
Do you know anyone like this:
  • They don't like your logo, but don't have one of their own.
  • They want to tell you how to manage your relationships when they have broken families and unhealed hurts.
  • They want to tell you how to get ahead in life when they haven't made any strides for themselves.
  • They are quick to point out mistakes, missteps, and mishaps not realizing that they don't have any because they aren't doing anything.
To hear these people talk, they want you to believe they have it going on. But when you look a little closer, and check their action, there is no substance. They want to talk as if they have it all together, but they are really those who have nothing.  And for those that are in the trenches everyday - working...doing...taking action - feel free to tell that person, "my ___ is better than your nothing".

Of course, the key to this is knowing which person YOU are in the scenario.

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