Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Childhood Dream...Adult Reality

Every now and then, I think back to my childhood dreams. What did I want to be when I grew up? Did I come close to living those dreams?

It's funny how childhood dreams fall away as they give way to adult reality.

However, every now and then, I revisit those childhood dreams...I go back to a time when I believed anything was possible. Well, today was one of those days. I decided to take a walk down memory lane. And guess what? I'm taking you with me - but you have to promise you won't laugh!

Childhood Dream: I had plans of being a concert pianist. I took piano lessons for at least 5 years and participated in several competitions. Adult Reality: While I can still read music and play a few notes of Beethoven's Fur Elise, I haven't had a piano in the house in years.

Childhood Dream: Explore the great outdoors and get out of the city life. Having grown up in the Washington, DC metro area, I thought how great it would be to live in the country. Not be a part of the rat race, city streets, and rush hour traffic. Adult Reality: I live in the suburbs and at times it drives me crazy. I love New York and wouldn't mind living there one day. But I still love nature. This is me and my mom riding the rapids in West Virginia.

Childhood Dream: Being a supermodel and hitting the runways in Milan, Paris, and New York (check out my fierce pose below!) Adult Reality: I still love designer clothes and bags (please note that loving and having are two different things!) But Ford Models, Elite Models, and Casablanca's has yet to ring my phone!

Childhood Dream: To not only be a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad, but to be a part of the show group - the select group of cheerleaders that gets to make all the appearances, singing and dancing their little hearts out. Adult Reality: It's still possible! I won't make it to this year's audition next month, but there's always 2010. Keep hope alive!

Childhood Dream: To grow up and party all the time. Be a socialite without a care in the world - the Paris Hilton of my generation. Didn't know where the money would come from...it would just be there. As you can see, I had the party thing down from an early age! Adult Reality: College, work, bills, grad school, marriage. Need I go on?

Childhood Dream: To wear a crown. Miss Virginia Teen. Miss Teen USA. There was something about the sash, the crown, the talent competition, the opening numbers and the interview with the judges. It was nerve racking but I completely enjoyed it. Check out my photos from the talent competition, the evening gown competition, and getting ready for my big group song and dance routine! Adult Reality: I have yet to win a crown and I'm still a little salty about it! :-)

So what about your childhood dreams? Have you visited them lately?

Some of them, we naturally outgrow, however, there are still those that linger - like making the cheerleader squad or winning a crown. Perhaps it's time to dust off some of your dreams! You may have to readjust them a little...but don't give up. Your childhood dream could still become your adult reality!

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  1. I...am...SCREAMIN' at these pics! LOL Boy does this take me back.....When we are children we want to BE and DO EVERYTHING (because of course we are invinceable and more talented than any other person on the planet!) :) However, as you said, we typically outgrow MOST of those dreams. However, the dreams that were TRUE to who we are and what our passions are still linger no matter how many years have passed. I totally agree, dust that dream off, screw up your confidence and go for it! :)

  2. I love this blog entry! It is a great reminder that:
    (1) we can and should dream big -- we did as children and we can as adults too! and --
    (2) as adults, we need to nourish the inner child that still exists in us today. Do those activities that will give us the childhood smile we had those years ago. After all, isn't that what life is all about? Why wait until you have kids to "see it through their eyes" when you can live it every day of your life if you choose to?!

    As for me, I'm still working on getting a high score on Dance, Dance Revolution! No jeers please! : )

    Good for you Doreen! I can't wait to see you as the next Mrs. United States!


    --Be loving, happy, yourself, free.

  3. I loved this post. I have been searching the web for fellow dreamers. I have spent the last year reconnecting to some of my childhood dreams - which has led me to screenwriting camp and sea lion training, to name a few.

    After reading your post on Childhood dreams, I thought you might be interested in my site www.thedreamingyou.com. I am building a community of people who support each other in obtaining our childhood dreams. While I may not be there yet - it certainly feels like a much fuller life when I reconnect to all that I use to want.

    I would love to hear what you think.

  4. Thanks for your comment Dehra. It's wonderful that you've been reconnecting with your dreams. I always encourage my clients to remember what they wanted out of life when they were young and find a way to incorporate some of that into their adult life. I will definitely be checking out your website!