Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another RADICAL Moment - In the Sky

As someone who promotes living a RADICAL lifestyle, it's no secret that I don't mind stepping outside of my comfort zone. Adventurous and curious by nature, I love to learn and experience new things.

Knowing this, my hubby planned a secret adventure for me today. Without a clue as to where we were headed, I was surprised, when after an hour of driving, our car turned into a private airport in Leesburg, VA. Getting out the car, I figured we were going to do an aerial tour of the Washington, DC area. Imagine my shock when after we checked in, the woman behind the desk asked which of us would be flying the plane today!

That's when my hubby pointed to me.

After a short lesson on using the instruments and going through the pre-flight checklist, I settled into the cockpit of a 4-seater plane with my co-pilot, Kelly (pictured on the right). In minutes, we were headed for the runway!

With my hubby in the back row, we hit the throttle and headed skyward.

Let me tell you, the takeoff was shaky! I thought I was going to hyperventilate as I tried to control the nose of the plane, but Kelly remained calm and talked me through it. After about 10 minutes, I was able to somewhat, kinda, sorta, relax as we flew out to West Virginia. But just when I thought I had gotten into the swing of things, Kelly asked if I wanted to turn upside down. Now, there's RADICAL, and then there's stupid. I told her unless she wanted to see me throw up, we need to stay upright. However, I did do a 360 turn with the plan almost on its side. That was enough tricks for me.

After almost an hour in the air, we headed back. Thankfully, Kelly handled the landing.

So what about you? What RADICAL adventures are you having in life? Are you flying high with advancing your career, furthering your education, taking that vacation of a lifetime, going scuba diving, starting your own business, asking for a raise, leaving your dead-end job, or simply getting in the cockpit of a plane?

Whatever you do...make it RADICAL.

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  1. Wow Doreen, that is great. Good for you!! And what fun!!

  2. Very cool!! You are brave. Watched your vid of the plane taking off, made my stomach flip!! LOL. Nicely done, lady!

  3. You go girl!!!!!!


  4. WOW-that is SO COOL! What a great surprise from the hubby!!!!!!!!

  5. It was such a great adventure. He was really brave to go up with me!

  6. Absolutely cool.....WOW....what's next skydiving?


  7. Talk about GET RADICAL!!! That was a GREAT idea! And it makes my "get-out-of-my-comfort zone" ideas seem so much more do-able. I want to be just like you when I grow up. :-)