Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Living Up to YOUR Personal Brand Promise

Throughout my HR career, I've interviewed many people who loved to sit across from me and talk about their experience, skills and education - and all they could bring to the job. They had ideas, information and suggestions on how they could come into our organization and improve processes, procedures, and the bottom line. They made it clear that if we hired them, they would give 110% every day.

Yea..well...it all sounds good.

While many of the new employees did just what they were hired to do, and some even did more, there were also those who failed to live up to their own hype. They didn't meet the expectations they set about their work performance. There were days when we would love to see them give just 50%. In the end, they failed to live up to their personal brand promise.

Your personal brand promise is being who you say you are...whether it's related to work, your own business, or your personal life. So, of course, I have to ask: Do you live up to your Personal Brand Promise?

At work, do you deliver on the promises you made when you were hired? Are you dependable? Do you focus on doing your best? What does your reputation say about you? Would your peers and leaders say your give 110%, or at least 100%?

Dan Schawbel , personal branding expert, says branding is crucial for a corporate employee:
"If you work for a company, and enjoy doing so, then personal branding becomes the cornerstone for how you move up the hierarchy and become recognized as a leader."

And if you're an entrepreneur, branding yourself, and your company, is crucial to your success. Would your clients say you live up to your brochure? To your marketing? To the expectations you set? Would people who have done business with you refer you to others?

There's nothing more disappointing than deciding to do business with someone and having them NOT live up to their brand promise.

And there's also nothing more disappointing than dealing with individuals, whether they be a friend, coworker, boss, employee, or family member, who doesn't live up to their personal brand promise.

Remember, if you're all hype, with no substance, you'll eventually be found out...and you could lose your job, your client, or worse - your self-respect!

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