Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Was B.B. King Right?

The Thrill is Gone...

That was one of B.B. King's most well known songs. And over the last couple of days, I've been asking myself if the thrill is gone from my time at Fitness Ridge (now The Biggest Loser Resort). The first week, I was excited, exhausted, and yet amazed at what my body could do. Week two, I knew what to expect and, feeling good about the results from week one, I challenged myself more. But now, it's week three...
*Six am seems to roll around much faster and I've started taking a few extra minutes in the bed.
*I'm also wondering - has that exercise instructor's voice always been that irritating?
*And - do we have to stretch after every class? I don't think my muscles can get any longer!
*Finally, walking into breakfast - I wonder if I'm really in the mood for another Monday morning of egg whites, soy cheese, and whole wheat English muffin.
Have you ever decided to do something that would change your life for the better and started out with so much enthusiasm, you knew there was no way you could be stopped? Maybe it was a savings plan. You faithfully set aside 10% of your income - until one paycheck it was 5%, and then finally, nothing at all. Or maybe, you were going to finally write that book, so you wrote everyday for at least an hour - until you skipped a day, then a week, and now it's been months or years. Perhaps it was a workout plan that you faithfully stuck to - until you overslept, got home too late, or were just too tired.
The "thrill" can last a few days, maybe weeks, and sometimes months. But you must understand that the thrill must go. It's part of the cycle. Think about your first day on a new job. How long did that feeling last? Or when you first started dating someone you really liked. Didn't that feeling of infatuation eventually pass?
There's nothing wrong with losing the thrill. It's what you do when the thrill is gone that matters. That's when the rubber meets the road. When REAL change begins. You're either going to honor your word to yourself, or you are going to once again let yourself get sidetracked with excuses. And that's the decision I had to make during week 3.
So what have I done during week 3? I've gotten up and hiked - everyday. I've worked out at every session. And I ate the egg whites, soy cheese and whole grain muffin. I stopped trying to find excuses and focused on my goal. I'm proud to say I am still going strong. I made a promise to myself to get fit and healthy and I plan to keep it - even though the thrill is gone!

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