Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doing Something Different is NOT Change

I was reading the blog of my best friend, Tawana (here's my shameless plug: Tawana's Blog). She's a fitness competitor and trainer and she was talking about how the gym is always crowded the first couple of weeks in January, and then slowly, but predictably, the numbers begin to shrink as all of those resolutions to get fit fade away.

Her blog entry got me thinking about change - and what it means to really change. Is change making a declaration? Is change writing down your plan? Is change doing something different? My answer to these questions is a resounding "NO!"

For example:

If you go a day without eating meat - are you now a vegetarian?
If you workout all this week - have you now met your fitness goal?
If you put money into your savings account this week - are you a saver?

The reality is - if you've done something different, good for you. But does that mean that you've changed? Absolutely not! Why? Because change is not doing something different. Change is doing something different consistently!!!

So what is it that you want to change? To make it REAL change, you have to be consistent.

Want to be a saver? Consistently set money aside - no matter what.
Want to eat healthy? Consistently cut out the crap (processed food, sugar, soda, etc).
Need to adjust your attitude? Consistently stop cussing people out for the slightest thing!

While it's true that you have to accomplish your goals one step at a time. The key point is that you take more than one step! So for those of you stepping - keep going! I know you have what it takes to change - for real!

Oh's one more shameless plug: Jillian Michaels - the trainer and life coach from The Biggest Loser will be speaking at my Get Radical Women's Conference. Will you be joining us?


  1. Totally agree, change can only be truly accomplished over time. The true test of change is not making the decision but committing to and following through with that decision to change.


  2. "Stop consistantly cussing people out". LOL I love that! With any attempted change, you have to remain consistant to reach your goal...and it gets hard make no mistake. But the end result can be SOOOOO worth it! :) YES, I will be at the 1st Annual Get Radical Conference with bells on. It will be great to hear Jillian, Barbara,and Valorie but I am on pins and needles waiting for the life changing message I expect to hear from Doreen Rainey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!