Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 Months, 23 Days

There are many milestones in life. Your first steps. Your first kiss. College graduation. Marriage. Children. And then... the big 4-0. That's what's happening to me this year. It seemed like yesterday I was celebrating my 35th birthday for the 4th time. Yet, time is ticking and the day is drawing near.

I've always been a "birthday" person, meaning I LOVE to celebrate them. Dinners, parties, trips, gifts, party hats, and streamers! You name it...I want it. But as thoughts of how I'd celebrate this year raced through my head, I started thinking of what I could do that would be a very personal accomplishment. And while I came up with something that isn't that original, it's something that will give me a great sense of achievement - I want to run!

For those that follow this blog, you know I've spent this past year getting in shape, losing weight and taking better care of my health. But with all the exercise I've done, I haven't been a runner. Over the next several months, that will change.

Now, a good goal to set would be a 5k. A challenging goal to set would be a 10k. But the RADICAL goal? A half marathon. Which is exactly what I've decided to do to celebrate my birthday. I just signed up for the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon taking place on August 2, 2009 - 1 day before my b-day!

As I shared this with some people, I could hear the laughter. That told me I was on the right track, because, as you know, I believe that if people aren't laughing at your dreams, they aren't big enough. And believe me, some people are howling, crying, and doubled over with this one. Looking at me today, there are very few people that would think that I'll be ready on August 2nd. But I don't care. This isn't for them. It's for me!

What about you?

With all the challenges the country is facing - jobs, investments, the economy, and health care - people are revisiting and refocusing on the things that are truly important and looking for ways to achieve more of their personal goals.

Why not take on a personal challenge that will give you an inner sense of accomplishment? It might not be to run a half marathon, but perhaps you want to learn a language, take up sowing, write a book, or pick up a hobby you put down long ago. Whatever it is - I know you'll do it well!


  1. Wow a half marathon? That's a big one, keep us posted on your progress, we will be pulling for you.

  2. Go for it my dear friend!!! That is major. I hope that you are the one laughing when you cross the finish line. Doers and believers tend to be the ones who have the last laugh!!!

    Good Luck

  3. Thanks Tenica! My only goal is to finish before time runs out and they send the bus out to pick up the stragglers!!!!!

  4. I will be on the sideline with water and a "Go Doreen" sign! WOO-HOO!!!