Saturday, March 21, 2009


Is she black? Is she white? Can she sing? Can she dance?

These are the lyrics to the upcoming single by Jamie Jones, a singer who is managed by X-Posure Entertainment (owned by my hubby!).

The song is called Whatever and I love it because it challenges people to look beyond the things that keep us divided - especially race - and get to know people for what's on the inside.

This country loves to label people - blue collar, white collar, middle class, white, black, native American, fat, skinny, poor, privileged, smart, and the list goes on and on and on. We have all been guilty of looking at someone and making snap judgements - assuming we know their story because of what's on the outside. I believe doing that sometimes causes us to miss out on getting to know the REAL person - and possibly making a lifelong friend.

After all these years, the common saying still holds true: Don't judge a book by its cover.

Below is the promo for Jamie's upcoming video release for Whatever. Check it out and hear what she has to say about the lyrics behind the song.

Prelude To My WHATEVER Music Video Release


  1. What a pretty girl, best wishes for her success. You are absolutely right. You may miss out on some wonderful opportunities if you just choose your relationships by what you see outwardly. I believe that in order to achieve true success in business and more importantly in life it is important to broaden your experiences and genuinely care for all people no matter their background.

  2. OK-I am laughing because-IS THAT MONTE?!?! Monte has achieved his 15 minutes of fame! How cute. :)

  3. Yes - my baby is a star! He's in high demand. I may have to up his daily rate!