Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm a Lil' Bit Country

We all have one.  That one reality show that we would never admit that we watch, but would never miss an episode.  For me, that show started it's 4th season just a couple of weeks ago.
As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan, I've cheered for them when they've won Superbowls (all 5 of them) and I've stood by their side (and shed a few tears) when their 1989 season record was 1-15 (at least we beat the Washington Redskins!). And of course, as a teenager with my white shorts and vest, I had big dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader.

Imagine my surprise when I'm flipping channels a couple of years ago and came across a reality show called: Making the Team where they were selecting Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for the upcoming football season. As I watched, and seriously pondered, just how small a pair of shorts could get (those shorts are TINY), I began to understand the process for making the squad.

Now, I have to admit, I was thinking - how hard could it be? You do a few dance moves, swing your hair around, and perfect the ability to smile for hours while wearing boots and the job is yours. WRONG!

Let me tell you the steps it takes to make the squad and how some of these women prepare for auditions:
  • They recommend you take their dance prep classes BEFORE auditions begin. Sometimes for a year!
  • Preliminary auditions are first, sometimes with over 1,000 showing up.
  • If you make the first cut, you'll go to semi-final auditions where you'll learn a routine and that famous kickline.
  • Made it to final auditions?  Great, now it's time for your interview with football and current event questions.
  • Made it through finals? That only means you're invited to training camp.
Training camp is 90 days.  Yes - that's 3 months - and guess what?  That's no guarantee that you'll make the squad.

Now, here's my question to you.  If this is the work, commitment, dedication and effort it takes to make a cheerleading squad - shouldn't it take AT LEAST that much work, commitment, dedication and effort to get what you say you want?

One of the things that has gotten lost in this microwave society we live in is good ol' fashion hard work:

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Commitmemt (some of these women audition year after year - and never make it).

So, I want to take this moment to remind you that anything worth having takes hard work, commitment, dedication and effort. How else will you:
  • Get that promotion
  • Earn that degree
  • Fix that relationship
  • Get healthy
  • Start and build a successful business
  • Raise a family
  • Make the cheerleading squad
One last thing...I LOVE the theme song from Making the Team. It challenges you to decide how bad you want what you say you want. It's courtesy of country music star Tim McGraw. Think about what it is you say you want and then ask yourself the words from his song:

Are you hungry?
Are you thirsty?
Is it a fire that burns you up inside?
How bad do you want it?
How bad do you need it?
Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming
With that one thing on your mind?
How bad do you want it?
How bad do you need it?
Cause if you want it all
You've got to lay it all out on the line

I especially love the last line - it speaks to whatever you want to accomplish - "You've got to lay it all on the line".

Oh yeah, I'll be heading to that incredible billion dollar stadium on November 22nd.  I'll be in the stands to cheer my team on as they beat the Washington Redskins. 

2009 DCC Training Camp Candidates

Go Cowboys!

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