Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plugging Your Leaks

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby noticed a stain on our basement ceiling.  After a closer inspection, we realized it was water. And for any homeowner that sees water in places other than the sink, toilet, or tub, your stomach automatically begins to twist into knots.  When the plumber arrived, he told us the toilet in the bathroom on the floor above the basement was leaking down into the ceiling.

As he wrote up the estimate, I stood at the bathroom door and thought back to the first time I thought the toilet felt a little loose.  At least 6 months ago.  Then I thought back to when I thought I heard a few drips as I touched up my makeup before going out - at least 4 months ago. 

After handing me the bill, he explained that when the leak first started, it made a wet spot underneath it.  Then, it spread to the floor, saturating it underneath.  Finally, completely soaked, it began to creep through the floor, creating a water drip in the basement ceiling.  Only after seeing the damage in the basement did we finally take action.  Now, instead of dealing with just a leak, we are dealing with a leak, replacing the bathroom floor, and fixing the drywall in the basement ceiling.

What question did I asked myself as I handed over my credit card?  "How much could I have avoided if I had taken action and called the plumber the very first time it felt loose or when I heard the first drip?"

What about you?  What signs are you ignoring?  What could you have taken care of at the "first drip", but instead, you continue to look the other way or brush it off?

In your business: 
Are you avoiding making the necessary tough decisions as a result of the economy?

In your job: 
Are you facing the reality that your company may be in trouble and doing what's necessary to show yourself an asset and a superstar or actively getting your resume out there?

In your finances: 
Are you spending beyond your means, carrying credit card debt, or avoiding talking to your spouse about your financial future hoping that it will somehow work itself out?

In your relationship:  Is it time to have a difficult conversation or deal with problems or challenges that you've been letting slide because "you're just not ready to talk about it"?

Unfortunately, as I learned today, avoiding the warning signs can only lead to one thing: a bigger issue that could end up costing you much more in the end.

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  1. Doreen,

    Can I just simply say that this post is sooooo on point! For a long time, I've been ignoring the dripping sound that is coming from our bathroom toilet. Not anymore...we're calling the plumber today!

    This post reminds me of a phrase I used to say...You'll either pay now or pay later....but if you pay later, you'll certainly pay more!

  2. I love that saying!

    No matter what the situation, the more you put off dealing with what you already KNOW needs to be dealt with, the more the consequences can grow.