Friday, November 6, 2009

What If...

1.  What if you were an overweight kid - and am now one of the most recognizable fitness trainers in the country?

2.  What if you had more money than most people dream of at 31 years old - only to be broke 2 years later - and then gain financial freedom again?

3.  What if you lived in fear for decades after watching your father kill your mother and then turn the gun on himself  - and now teach millions how to live a fearless life?

4.  What if people looked at you and only saw beauty - but no brains - and now you're a top entertainment attorney teaching women how to excel in the boardroom?

5.  What if you were so focused on proving yourself and being an overachiever that you pushed yourself to accomplish incredible success, but wasn't enjoying the journey - only to now share with the world how to live a life of balance.

What if you attended an event that would inform, inspire, motivate and educate you to design the life you want - and also help you  become bold and courageous enough to make it happen?

What if you attended the 2010 Get RADICAL Women's Conference and gained success tools, strategies and insight from:

Woman #1:
Jillian Michaels from NBC's The Biggest Loser

Woman #2:
Kim Snider, Owner, Snider Financial

Woman #3:
Rhonda Britten, Emmy Winning Life Coach from the hit TV show Starting Over and Celebrity Fit Club

Woman #4:
Marshawn Evans, Miss America Finalist, Entertainment Attorney, author of SKIRTS in the Boardroom, and former contestant on The Apprentice

Woman #5:
Valorie Burton, Life Strategist and bestselling author of How Did I Get So Busy?

What if...
General and VIP registration is now open with early bird pricing.  Find out more:  Get RADICAL Women's Conference.

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