Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The "Not One" Challenge

RADICAL Lifestyle Women’s Network Announces the "Not 1" Challenge

The holiday season is upon us and the parties, dinners, work potlucks, and family get togethers will become a staple from now until the end of the year. Well, fitness competitor Tawana Cain (pictured), and a member of the RLWN, has issued a challenge. She has challenged us not to gain one pound between now and January 1st.

Not 1!

While many people view the first of the year as a time to get back on track (or just on track) with their health and fitness goals, this challenge will give you a jumpstart on changing your habits to a healthier lifestyle NOW. And, it will prevent you from starting the New Year with even more weight to lose.

We invite all members of the RLWN to join us with this challenge – especially since you won’t have to do it alone. Each week, I'll be interviewing Tawana and she'll b sharing tips to help you enjoy the holiday season without having to loosen up that belt, as well as taking your questions! Some of her tips will include making holiday dishes healthier, avoiding overeating at the parties, making healthy choices when traveling, and exercise programs that get results.

We also want to support each other. You’ll be able to share your own tips and successes with other members who are participating.

Ready to join us? Members can login to the RADICAL Lifestyle Women’s Network and click on “The Not 1 Challenge”.You can then let us know what your goals are and you can listen to the kickoff interview I did with Tawana where she shared why it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays as well as 3 tips for helping you successfully complete the challenge.

Not a member? No problem. You can still join the challenge with our 30 day FREE membership. For more information, click here.

And don't forget to check out the blog entry from Tawana that started it all!

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