Monday, March 29, 2010

Only One Word - WOW!!

The Get RADICAL Women's Conference this past Saturday was amazing.  Women from all across the country - and Canada, Europe and Israel - joined me for a day of inspiration, motivation and fun!  The speakers were incredible and the energy was off the charts. 

Rhonda Britten talked about being fearless, Valorie Burton talked about getting unstuck, Kim Snider shared how to make money and KEEP money, Marshawn Evans talked about reinventing yourself, and I shared life lessons from training and running a half marathon.

And, of course, Jillian Michaels rocked the house! Answering questions from the audience, she gave great advice and insight on how to live your best life.  She is genuine, authenic, caring, fun, and has a true heart for helping people reach their goals - physically and beyond.  Here's a short clip of us chatting it up before we hit the stage:

Our RADICAL Woman of the Year Award Winner - Amy Barnes - told her incredible story of triump and touched every woman in the room. I'll definitely be sharing more about her in an upcoming post.  She is definitely a woman who exemplified what it means to Get RADICAL!

I'll be sharing tips and strategies from our speakers over the next couple of weeks. All of them had great information to help us get unstuck, move forward, and create the life - and the lifestyle - we all deserve.

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