Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doing What You Hate...and Loving It!

Things have been hectic since my return from Utah from what is now The Biggest Loser Resort - getting back into the swing of things, catching up with clients, and planning the 2009 "Get Radical" Women's Conference. But, I knew if I wanted to continue with my fitness goals, I had to find a way to stay focused.

A friend told me she trained with a small group with a trainer that was a former NFL player. I thought this would be a great way to stay consistent with my workouts - so I signed up. I went for my first session ready to work. Two hours later - I decided that this man was a complete lunatic. Running, lifting, abs, weights. I didn't think it would ever end. Those 2 hour hikes in Utah suddenly didn't seem so bad!

But working out with him the last couple of months has taught me a few things. First thing I realized? I hate exercise. No if, ands, or butts about it. Utah was great because I was on an adventure - taking in the outdoors, meeting new people and having my meals prepared and served to me. It was wonderful. But now? I'm in a gym, three days a week for about 2 hours working out with a trainer that has ZERO sympathy.

Pushups, pullups, situps, running steps, sprints on the treadmill, 100mph on the bike, squats, lunges and weights - all with very little rest. Each day I go to the gym, it's a challenge. I know I'm going to sweat. I know I'm going to be challenged. I know every part of my body is going to burn. I know I'm going to be watching the clock from the moment I get there until it's time to leave. But, I keep going. Why? Because working out has taught me a couple of other things.

I hate exercise - but I love the way I feel when I'm done. Who would have thought that I could do curls, calf raises, or leg extensions with heavy weights? Who would have thought that I could run 8 flights of steps and not pass out (or have my legs give out)? Each time I think I can't - at the end of the session - I did. And the sense of accomplishment is a natural high!

I hate exercise - but I love the way I look. My clothes fit better and I'm stronger than I've ever been - and getting stronger.

So, I've decided that it's not so bad to do the things you hate if it can produce some things you love.

Will it be hard? Yes. Will you need to stay focused? Yes. Does it require commitment? Yes. But it's worth it.

What is it that you hate to do but know that it will give you the results you want? I challenge you to just do it.


  1. AMEN Doreen!!! AMEN!!!!!!

  2. It all sounds good, but I was always start off strong and then I fade off. I'll just keep trying! You keep me hopeful that I can do it. LOL