Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why Talent is NEVER Enough

As I watched the Dallas Cowboys get their you-know-what kicked today, the only thing that made it somewhat palatable was the fact that I was watching them lose while on vacation - in Aruba. But the gentle Caribbean breeze, the swaying palm trees, and the clear, blue ocean could only do so much to ease the pain. How could a team with so much talent perform so badly?

Professional sports is no different from any other industry. Just because the talent is there, it doesn't guarantee that success will follow - as the Cowboys so convincingly demonstrated today. With all that skill, what else could they possibly need to ensure success?

As a life coach, I work with talented people all the time who have not been able to reach their professional goals. So, the question becomes - why?

I think there are a few additional ingredients you need to add to your talent and skill to increase your chances of victory. These include commitment, passion, the willingness to work, synergy, and a continued effort to develop.

Commitment - the ability to stay the course when times are difficult and obstacles come your way.

Passion - an unyielding, powerful, compelling feeling that drives you to relentlessly pursue your goals.

Willingness to work - goals, hopes and dreams are great, but if you aren't willing to put in the sweat equity, you can forget it. It's called work for a reason.

Synergy - cooperation, working together for a common purpose or benefit. You can never achieve success without the help of others. If you are team of one - you will lose.

Continue to develop - even Tiger Woods has a coach. The minute you think you have nothing else to learn is the minute you lose. Get a mentor, coach, or hey, just listen to your boss every now and then.

So what was the problem with the Cowboys? How could they get stomped 44-6 against the Eagles? I'm sure ESPN will tackle this question over and over and over and over...well, you get the picture. But my personal opinion? No passion. No synergy. And that will put in the loss column every time.


  1. You hit the nail on the head again Mrs. Rainey!!!! Keep the blogs coming!!!!!!!

    Jocelyn AKA iNDIGO

  2. In a team environment failure is a result of poor coaching and the lack of overall leadership! Great leaders can take mediocre talent and get them to perform beyond expectation. But the absence of strong leadership can cause a team made up of talented individuals to underperform as a unit! I agree that as an individual, whether part of a team or not, your success will be driven by your passion and commitment.


  3. There's nothing like strong leadership. It's amazing to me how "leaders" don't get top performance from their staff - or team - and don't realize that it's a direct reflection of their leadership skills - or lack of leadership skills.