Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Long Do You Chase a Dream?

Everybody has a dream.

Whether it's to raise a child that makes a positive contribution to society, to start a business based on your passion, to work with or start a charity that helps those less fortunate, to reach a certain position at your company, to get an education, to get in shape, write a book, direct a movie, or be an actor.

One of the questions I always talk about with my friend Tawana is how long do you chase a dream? Until things aren't going your way? Until the money runs out? When you experience disappointment after disappointment? When you get rejected? When you give your all and it still isn't enough? Do you keep going? Do you change course? Do you give up?

My hubby owns a recording studio and record label and he's been working with a young woman with a dream. A dream to share her musical talents with the world. But she hasn't just been dreaming. She's been working her butt off.

Let me just say that anyone who thinks the entertainment industry is easy isn't in the entertainment industry! I've watched her experience some serious disappointments and setbacks, but she continues to move forward, more determined than ever.

And now, her dreams are starting to come true. Jamie Jones will release her first album, Celebrity Music, on June 30th (YEA!). Her sound is a mixture of who she is and the music she loves - pop/rock/hip hop and R&B.

To celebrate, she's having a CD release party on Sunday, June 28th at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. If you're in the area, come celebrate with us!

Introducing Jamie Jones:

So, to answer the question:

How long do you chase a dream?

Until it comes true!

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  1. I REALLY wish I could be there!! I wish Jaime all the success in the world. Jaime and Reggie are not only great examples of preserverance in chasing their dreams, but also that success does not come overnight and it can take years of hard work to obtain a goal. Further, I think that whatever dream a person chooses to pursue, they need to pursue it for the RIGHT reasons. Money and fame are usually two of the worst reasons to pursue anything. For the amount of time, effort and sometimes expense that it takes to accomplish anything of note, I think that you need to pursue your dreams for the LOVE of whatever it is. Once you have done all that you can do, and worked as hard as you can in pursuit of a goal, you have to able to embrace the result (whatever it may be) and be completely satisfied with your effort. Its all about the journey--not the destination. Of course, monetary success is always a nice bonus! :)

  2. You are absolutely right! One of the main areas I focus on with coaching clients is the RIGHT goal and the RIGHT dream. It's so important that people understand what they want, why they want it and what they are willing to do to get it.

    One of my favorite questions of people who I meet in the studio is "Do you want to be a singer or do you want to be a star?" There's no wrong answer - but you must understand the difference in the two as it will impact the way you pursue a singing career.

    You MUST be able to enjoy the journey - as a "destination" is only a point in time before you continue on the journey!