Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You Living Fearlessly?

The power of emotional fear cannot be denied, or ignored. And Rhonda Britten’s life mission is to help people understand fear, become friends with fear (yes, friends!) and then kick fears butt!

An Emmy winning life coach from Starting Over and Celebrity Fit Club, Rhonda understand the paralyzing effect fear can have on people. Watching her mother killed at the hands of her father, and then seeing him turn the gun on himself, left 14 year old Rhonda overwhelmed with fear. But she tackled those emotions to design, create and live a powerful and fulfilling life. And she now shares with others how to do the same through her Fearless Living Institute.

In my 10 minute interview with Rhonda, she gets you fired up about what’s possible if you don’t allow fear to make your decisions for you. In this short conversation with Rhonda, I KNOW your life will be impacted.

And to experience the full force of Rhonda, join her, and other incredible speakers at the 2010 Get RADICAL Women’s Conference.

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Doreen Rainey is a Life Coach and Speaker who helps her clients Get RADICAL! For a FREE 30 day membership to the RADICAL Lifestyle Women's Network or to subscribe to her bi-weekly newsletter, visit her website. Join Doreen in the Washington, DC area for the 2010 Get RADICAL Women's Conference featuring Jillian Michaels, Fitness Trainer from The Biggest Loser and Rhonda Britten, Emmy Winner Life Coach from Starting Over and Celebrity Fit Club.


  1. WOW...I just never imagined being friends with fear. I can really see how hearing her tips could change my life. Now I can't really wait for the conference!!!

  2. You are so right! In just that short amount of time, she was able to really get me to see fear differently. I, too, cannot wait to hear her at the conference.