Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where is the Love?

I've been on the road the past couple of weeks and have a few observations about traveling today.

I don't think anyone would argue the point that travel isn't as fun as it use to be.  Dealing with heightened security, trying to figure out what 3ozs of lotion looks like, and making sure your socks match as you take your shoes off and walk through the detector, isn't the best way to start your business trip or vacation.

Flights choices are dwindling and a non-stop can be golden.  The flights can be oversold and the gate agent can be a little testy to say the least.  And $25 to check 1 bag?  Come on, a family of 4 could pay over $100 each way!

So, it's easy for me to see how frustrations can run high and patience can be fleeting.  But let's remember that we're all in the same boat.  We're all trying to get somewhere and doing our best to maintain a positive attitude. However, some people don't see it that way.  Because of that, I've developed a few pet peeves over the past months that I'd like all of you frequent flyers to consider:
  • When they ask you not to put your coat in the overhead until everyone has had a chance to put their carryon up there.  DON'T PUT YOUR COAT IN THE OVERHEAD!  What if you were the one trying to squeeze your carryon in the bin but couldn't because somone's coat, hat, gloves and scarf are already there.
  • If you are not in the group they are boarding...don't try to board!  You hold up the line and irritate the gate agent.  I don't like to wait either (especially since I know overhead space is at a premium because some inconsiderate passenger has stuffed his coat up there!). But do us all a favor and just wait your turn.
  • Yes, really, step inside your row and let others pass while you try to pull out your DVD player, iPod, book and magazine.
  • And yes, there are some people that move a little slower than others when going through the security.  But be patient.  We were once beginners too!
So as you travel in and out of airports, remember, we're all in the same boat (or cabin!).  Show a little love!

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