Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Becoming a Champion

At some point in our lives, we've all witnessed it. For some of us, we have experienced it. It is the thrill of being a champion. Being THE winner. Being #1. Hearing the applause of those around you as they celebrate your accomplishment.

It's in those moments that we look back on all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears it took to get there and admit that it was worth it.

But if you haven't had those moments lately, it could be because you have strayed away from doing the hard work. To me, being a champion is the easy part. It's BECOMING a champion where the road gets tough.

Becoming a champion means that you're in training...and training requires two things: Commitment and Discipline. If you've been lacking in one, or both, of these areas lately, I would venture to guess that you haven't stood in the winner's circle in quite a while.

What championship are you working towards? Is it a college degree? Getting in shape? Eliminating your credit card debt? Starting your own business? Perhaps it's getting a new job, going after a promotion, or saving for a house. Whatever it is you are going for - now is the time to do an honest gut check on your commitment and your discipline.

Ask yourself: What does it really take to get what I want?

Do you need to get up early? Stay up late? Turn off the TV? Cut up the credit cards? Skip dessert? Go to the gym daily? Take on an new project at work? Do more professional networking?

My challenge to you is to choose one area where you're going for the gold. Pick one goal that you've let a lack of commitment and lack of discipline get you off track. Now, decide to recommit yourself and to have daily discipline towards reaching that goal.

Grab a pen and paper right now and write down exactly what you will do to move toward your goal - then read it every day to remind you of what action you must take . By doing so, it won't be long before you'll once again feel the thrill of victory!

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