Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Choice is Yours

It's day 2 of 2011 and the word for the day is CHOICE!

I've heard so many people talk about what they want to accomplish this year. They want changes in their career, finances, health or life balance - but the reality is - if you want something different you have to make different choices. My question for you is what choice will you make today that will have a significant impact on your goals for the coming year?

I decided to make a choice around my health and fitness. Last year was my best year ever in my business, however, I got out of balance and let my fitness goals take a back seat.

Has that ever happened to you - you got so focused on one area of your life that you begin to fall short in others? If so, you know you have to make choices around your priorities and what you are willing to do to get things back on track.

That's why I decided to start off my new year with a real commitment to focusing on my business and my health. The great news about what I do is that my business is mobile. So I've decided to travel across the country. For the next four weeks, I'll be making my wellness a priority at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu, CA.

Many of you know I spent 4 weeks at their location in Utah a couple of years ago. It was such an incredible experience that gave me the tools I needed to put my health first. And that's what I'm doing in 2011.  It's exciting and I'm looking forward to what these 4 weeks will bring.

That brings me back to you - and your choices.  What will you choose today that will have a positive impact on your success?

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