Friday, January 7, 2011

Get Back on the Horse

The New Year has a habit of getting us to begin doing some things that we have let fall by the wayside.  Since January 1, maybe you've started working out again. Maybe you've started living by a budget. Maybe you've started working on that book again. Maybe you've started getting a full night's sleep again.

Getting "back on the horse" can be challenging. You may find yourself a little rusty at whatever you've started doing again.

Such was the case with a woman I talked with today.

I'm spending time in Malibu at The Biggest Loser Resort and one of the coaches told us that she normally bikes to work, however, with the rains over the past month or so, she stopped. And even though the weather cleared up, she never quite made it back on her bike.

But with the New Year, she finally decided to get back in the groove. So yesterday she decided to ride her bike to work.  Having not biked in a while, she realized on the way home that one of the hills she used to breeze up seemed too steep this time so she got off.  As she pushed her bike up the hill, she saw another bike rider coming down. 

Slowing down, the biker asked her if everything was okay. A little embarassed, she barely looked up, replied that all was well and that she was just a little out of shape.  His reply? "Well, you don't get in bike riding shape by walking beside it. You get in shape by riding it."

Annoyed, she fully turned, ready to reply with a sarcastic remark when the biker took off his shades. That's when it hit her. The biker giving her advice was Lance Armstrong.

While she was temporarily speechless, he held out his hand and introduced himself. Finally able to find her voice, she explained again that it had been a while since she rode. Then, he gave her some advice on positioning her seat and then offered to do the hill with her. She happily accepted and he rode with her all the way home.

This story highlights a couple of lessons:

Lesson #1: Don't put off any longer what you should be doing.  Get back on that horse.

Lesson #2: Since it's been a while, allow yourself some time to get back in the groove.

Lesson #3: While it may be difficult at first, don't get frustrated and definitely don't stop.

Lesson #4: It's in the doing that amazing things can happen that will inspire and motivate you beyond words - like taking an afternoon bike ride with  Lance Armstrong - winner of the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times

What horse do you need to get back on?
As the RADICAL Success Coach, Doreen Rainey helps her clients take charge of their professional and personal life. She is the founder of the Get RADICAL Women's Conference with Jillian Michaels and Niecy Nash. For more information about the 2011 conference, visit the website. Registration is now open!

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